Have a colourful season with NuuMed! Event Pad now available in 11 colours!

NuuMed’s popular ergonomic HiWither Event Pad is now available in 11 colours and, with space for embroidery too, it’s the perfect choice for the cross country phase this season.

The stylish, streamlined pad has been created with the demands of cross country riding in mind. It’s made using quality quilt and is cut to NuuMed’s HiWither design that removes pressure from across the withers at the front of the saddle, and lifts at back to remove pressure from behind the saddle too. It has a contoured design to work with most styles of jumping saddle, but has a shape between a numnah and a saddlepad, that gives enough space for embroidered names and small logos, but no excess material. It also comes with short D-ring top straps as standard.

“Our HiWither Event Pad is ideal for cross country riding due to its clever shape that maximises comfort for the horse using a design that still provides enough space for riders to promote their sponsors,” said Rosie Pocock from NuuMed. “Until recently, the pad was only available in white, but due to the feedback we’ve received, we’ve now dramatically increased the colours available to 11, to make it easier for riders to match their saddlepad to their cross country colours as we know how important this can be. We also provide an in-house embroidery service making it easy for riders to get their new pad embroidered with small logos or names as they need.”

The HiWIther Event Pad is available in black, brown, white, grey, bottle green, navy, burgundy, red, royal blue, purple and champagne in large, and has a RRP of £33. Embroidery costs can be quoted separately.

For more information, see www.nuumed.com or call 01458 210324.