Keep airways clear with Nettex

Modern day horses have to cope with many challenges that may affect their lungs and therefore their performance. For example, longer hours in the stable in winter can expose them to the fungal spores and airborne irritants that can be found in hay and bedding. Spring and summer can bring high pollen counts, which may affect a horse’s respiratory tract, too. 


To help maintain and support a healthy respiratory system Nettex have developed Air Power Respiratory Boost. This is a dual purpose formula that may help to soothe respiratory irritation in the horse and help clear airways. A healthy respiratory system will maximise the potential oxygen intake and optimise stamina during hard exercise. It is easily administered to the horse’s feed or can be syringed straight into the horse’s mouth. 

It is important that if airways are restricted that this is not overlooked, as the horse may have a limited lung capacity which can reduce the amount of oxygen delivered into the blood. As a result, performance can be reduced as the muscles are unable to work efficiently. Affected horses can also develop a cough as the delicate lung tissue becomes more and more irritated.

NettexAir Power Respiratory Boostcontains Menthol and Eucalyptus for their natural soothing properties. 

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