Anitar RFID Tag Reader Anitar RFID Tag Reader

Crowdfunding for Horse Tech: Anitar Revolutionizes The RFID Tag Readers

Since the introduction of the mandatory microchip regulation for horses, having an RFID tag reader has become a necessity for every breeder and farmer. Given most devices are clunky, expensive, and mostly out of battery whenever needed, the Icelandic startup, Anitar - better known for their WorldFengur search engine app - decided it’s time to change that!


Anitar has turned to Kickstarter to launch their thoroughly-tested RFID tag reader that’s powered by the device you always carry around in your pocket: your phone! Karl Mar Larusson, the founder of Anitar, says: “Farm technology, as we know it, is often outdated or very expensive. It was our goal to create a RFID tag reader that fits into just about any pocket without breaking the bank. As devoted horse breeders, we wanted to create a device for day-to-day use that would make our lives, but also the lives of vets and farmers, easier because time on a farm is precious. Anitar’s Bullet does all that.”

The device is suitable for scanning and tracking all sorts of animals – from horses and cows, to sheep and dogs – and is currently also directly connected to the WorldFengur Studbook through a specific software application.


Anitar is looking for 250 forward-thinking horse lovers to pre-order the Anitar tag reader. The device bridges directly between the animal and various databases, such as the WorldFengur Studbook. You can show your support and get an innovation right into your pocket. For more information, follow this link: