MED Equus Ltd – New product range for 2017

MED Equus has a range of new innovative, exciting advancements within the equine veterinary industry to reinvent veterinary work.


The MEDview DV1 is the latest advancement in German veterinary endoscopy. A truly portable endoscope, perfect for all vetting and sales work globally. A high quality camera chip, engrained in silicon for added protection allows for excellent image quality to aid diagnosis. The DV1 has image capture software built in, allowing the user to record images and videos at the touch of a button. This feature is especially beneficial when teamed with the integrated text overlay to easily input patient names and dates. Image and video review can be performed within the DV1 software or exported via removable SD card.

The MEDview DV1 has a length of 1.2 metres, an outer diameter of 9mm, 90-degree field of view and 4 - way angulation, thus allowing for full diagnostic inspection of the respiratory tract.


The 2 Li-ion batteries allow for 4 hours of scoping, teamed with an integrated high-powered LED light source, the DV1 is both lightweight and portable. The new ergonomic control body can be operated single handed especially when the included neck strap is utilised. A bespoke protective case will be supplied with each DV1 to allow the safe carriage of the endoscope for vetting and sales work globally.  A total weigh of just 6kg and dimensions of 55cm x 17cm x 37cm allows the DV1 to be truly compact and portable.


The MEDview endoscopy range will include the DV2 later in 2017. A 1.7-metre video endoscope with a 2.8mm biopsy channel to allow for samples to be taken.


The MEDview endoscopy range is at the forefront of innovation in equine veterinary medicine. The MEDview dental endoscope with camera is the latest advancement in equine dental medicine. A high quality, German manufactured dental endoscope features excellent image quality and an 85-degree field of view, the largest available on the market.  A 10mm outer diameter, 43cm length and a 45-degree angle as well as premium protective sapphire lens glass on the distal tip make this scope a mark of real quality in diagnostics.


The USB camera is compatible with any laptop, tablet and MED Equus endocentre, making the MEDview dental package highly versatile and adaptable to a wide variety of procedures. The camera comes with a freeze / capture button and dedicated image management software to store images for either review or archive. Reports can be generated and sent, direct from the software. Both the dental scope and camera are completely submersible, essential for prevention of disease transmission and cleaning. Together with the cameras compatibility with all rigid endoscopes, it is a great addition to your veterinary equipment.


We also supply the latest dual wavelength, German manufactured surgical diode laser called the Leonardo® Dual 45. This technology is ideal for respiratory surgery and sarcoid / melanoma removal. The Leonardo® Dual 45 has an increased power output of up to 45W, as well as the ability to combine 980nm and 1470nm wavelengths for optimal tissue interaction. This combination wavelength has been proven to improve efficiency when cutting by optimizing water and blood absorption across the two wavelengths. The result is less swelling is produced, particularly in respiratory surgery as less energy /joules are used to cut the same amount of tissue and achieve the desired results. The combination wavelength is particularly effective when removing sarcoids, as the combined wavelengths used simultaneously mean more efficient cutting and less charring of the tissue, leading to low re-occurrence rates.


All products come with full clinical training as standard. Bespoke packages can be tailored to fit around your needs, both clinically and financially. MED Equus has UK based, fully trained engineers that are able to carry out servicing and repairs. Free of charge loan equipment can be provided whilst your equipment is away if it is required.


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