AliveCor™ iPhone Veterinary ECG Monitors

Equine cardiology is technology driven and diagnostic tools which were once out of reach because the frequency they would be used didn’t justify the investment in cost or time to learn to use the equipment.


This has changed - smartphones can now be converted to single-channel ECG recorders by attaching the AliveCor Veterinary iPhone ECG. Together with the AliveECG app which is free to download, it is possible to record an ECG simply by placing the device against the horse’s left thorax, immediately behind the triceps muscle. One of the huge benefits is that equine ECGs can easily be recorded immediately after exercise.

Previous studies have reported standardbred horses exhibiting complex ventricular rhythms after racing. Atrial fibrillation has long been recognised as an important factor in poor performance of racehorses.

Over the past 18 months Celia Marr - BVMS, MVM, PhD, DEIM, DipECEIM, MRCVS , has organised a study of 587 horses at 28 different British race meetings, collecting post-race ECG traces using AliveCor iPhone Veterinary ECG Monitors donated by Woodley Equipment Company. Analysis of data is underway – it is likely the results in thoroughbreds will be broadly similar to those in standardbreds.

This project has allowed the identification of optimal technique for using the AliveCor iPhone Veterinary ECG Monitor which has been shared at a variety of veterinary meetings. The data will form a useful resource for vets working on racecourses and those advising trainers as they can compare results in individual horses with information from this study.


AliveCor iPhone Veterinary ECG Monitors are increasingly used and easily available to equine vets through Woodley Equipment Company.

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