MED Equus has a range of new innovative, exciting advancements within the equine veterinary industry to reinvent veterinary work.

It seems that horse vets are not keen for their industry to be corporatised given the results of a hotly contested Moral Maze style debate at BEVA Congress last week. Just 28% of voters agreed with the motion Corporatisation is inevitable and will benefit vets and their clients, with 72% disagreeing.

Written by Emma Hardy, PhD

Gastrointestinal disorders of the horse may prove to be a proverbial thorn in the sides of veterinary surgeons in practice. The conditions are fairly common, yet remain challenging to diagnose.

Zoetis Inc. today announced that more than 1200 SQP Equine Worming Online continuing professional development (CPD) courses have been completed since they were launched in February and May 2017.

CVS has announced the acquisition of B&W Equine Vets, one of the UK’s leading equine veterinary groups.

With the last big spike in cases of Seasonal Pasture Myopathy occurring after major storms in 2014 The British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) is urging horse owners to take precautions to keep their horses safe in the aftermath of Storm Aileen or potentially the tail end of transatlantic hurricanes.

Zoetis Inc. today reminds horse owners to make sure they take control of tapeworm this Autumn, to help keep their horses healthy and performing at their best.

Zoetis Inc. today issued eight practical tips to help horse owners take control of flies and keep horses more comfortable in the warm weather.

Professor van Weeren, commenting in the current issue of the Equine Veterinary Journal (EVJ), suggests that equine lameness needs to be redefined to reflect new digital assessment techniques that use preset parameters to detect gait asymmetries.