Whether a horse vet, vet nurse, farrier or equine dental technician, BEVA Congress 13-16 September 2017 is aimed at you.

Since the introduction of the mandatory microchip regulation for horses, having an RFID tag reader has become a necessity for every breeder and farmer. Given most devices are clunky, expensive, and mostly out of battery whenever needed, the Icelandic startup, Anitar - better known for their WorldFengur search engine app - decided it’s time to change that!

A pioneering solution to calming stressed or anxious horses is being launched in the UK. Chillax has been developed to solve the problem of stress or nervousness in competition horses and contains no prohibited substances.

The British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) is outraged that its members are being regularly asked to break the law by inseminating imported equine semen that doesn’t have an accompanying health certificate.

Nine fabulous foals that were born at Blue Cross are now being weaned and will soon be ready to be rehomed.

Sensor technology is allowing experts from the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) and Animal Health Trust to enhance their understanding of the relationship between lameness and back problems in horses.

Quality of life and end of life should go hand in hand yet a balanced assessment and a final decision can be subjective and highly emotive, making a vet’s job even more challenging.

Two leading equestrian organisations have praised SPILLERS® for its continued loyalty and support. British Dressage (BD) and the British Grooms Association (BGA) have been sponsored by SPILLERS® for the past 17 and ten years respectively and SPILLERS® has just renewed its commitment to both bodies.