Thanks in part to support from Zoetis, nine intrepid motor biking veterinary specialists from the UK have raised funds to vaccinate hundreds of horses in a remote South African region against African Horse Sickness (AHS). The initiative took place in August as part of the voluntary VETS with HORSEPOWER project, 2016. 

Modern day horses have to cope with many challenges that may affect their lungs and therefore their performance. For example, longer hours in the stable in winter can expose them to the fungal spores and airborne irritants that can be found in hay and bedding. Spring and summer can bring high pollen counts, which may affect a horse’s respiratory tract, too. 

The 16 equine practices within CVS are among the first to pledge their support for a partnership between the Animal Health Trust, the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) and the University of Nottingham, to improve equine health nationwide.  The organisations have secured funding from The Horse Trust and are working together to raise owner awareness of the threat posed by infectious disease and to educate them on how to protect their horses, ponies and donkeys. 

This year BEVA Congress (7-10 September 2016) is giving delegates the opportunity to roll up their sleeves and get hands on with endoscopy techniques.

The British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) received a highly commended award at the Antibiotic Guardian Awards for their contribution to antibiotic stewardship. It was the only organisation from the veterinary profession to be shortlisted. 

NuuMed’s popular ergonomic HiWither Event Pad is now available in 11 colours and, with space for embroidery too, it’s the perfect choice for the cross country phase this season.

Strength in unity was the prevailing theme at the 24th National Equine Forum, held in London on 3rd March. Government officials, vets, trainers, charities and industry leaders all concurred that working collectively and communicating effectively can achieve so much more for the health and welfare of the horse and the future of equestrianism in the UK.

Sue Martin, who is a BHSII and runs Trent Park Equestrian Centre in London, received the Sir Colin Spedding Award at the National Equine Forum (NEF), on Thursday 3rd March 2016.  This special commendation was given in recognition of Sue’s unstinting efforts to improve equestrian learning and training. Sue was selected from a shortlist of three nominated candidates, the other two being Hon. Walter Gilbey and Baroness Ann Mallalieu

Anthea Pike has joined the Zoetis equine business consultant team to augment the breadth of services the veterinary pharmaceutical company offers to equine veterinary practices.