The RSPCA Bounce into Action After Wallaby Found at Side of Road

One of the RSPCA officers jumped into action after a lost wallaby was found at the side of a road in Walsall.


The 2.5 foot-tall animal was spotted on Sunday (30th April) on Chester Road by a member of the public. Who, even though they were unable to believe their eyes, contacted the RSPCA to report the incident. 

Animal Collection Officer Catherine Strawford was only a short drive away.


Catherine said:

“As I was driving there, I just kept thinking to myself, what if the wallaby is really fast? I didn’t know what to expect - after all, I’ve never had to pick up a wallaby before!
Thankfully, when I got to where he was I discovered that he was a placid animal, so I was able to catch him without any problem.
It turned out he had escaped from a farm just under a mile away. He is 17 years old and nearly blind - he is so lucky that he didn’t get hit by a car. The owners were so grateful that he was found.
It really does remind me of how different every day in this job can be. For a moment it felt like I was working in Australia - without the nice weather!”


Anyone who sees an animal in distress or in trouble should contact the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999.