Bayer Call for Review of Advice During National Microchipping Month

Bayer is urging vets to be ready for National Microchipping Month this June which is happening just over one year since the introduction of compulsory microchipping in dogs.


With 95% of UK dogs now microchipped, new research shows that 91% of veterinary professionals in the UK believe microchipping should also be made compulsory for cats. 

The recent PDSA annual 'PAW Report‘ shows that within a population of 11m UK cats, only 20%  (2.2 million) are living an indoor-only life; meaning 9 million outdoor explorers are potentially at risk of getting lost if they stray too far from home. Many cat owners report being anxious when letting their cat roam free outside, with 68% of owners believing it to be unsafe for their cat to go outdoors.

In support of National Microchipping Month, Bayer; makers of Tracer Advance Slim, will be actively driving pet owners into vet practices across the country to discuss the benefits of microchipping with their vet.  They’ll also be trying to ensure pet owners understand the importance of keeping the details stored on their pet’s microchip database up to date.

Despite the high number of microchipped dogs, a recent BVA survey found 44% of vets surveyed still cannot reunite missing or stray dogs with their owners due to incorrect chip information being stored on the databases, highlighting the need for education, even for clients whose pets are already microchipped.

To help vets make the most of National Microchipping Month, Bayer have developed a suite of new marketing and support materials for vets to display throughout June.

Hannah Watts, Product Manager at Bayer adds: “Until microchipping becomes compulsory in cats, vets will need to play a crucial role in helping increase the number of UK cats that are microchipped. National Microchipping month provides a great opportunity for vets to raise the subject with owners and to take advantage of the increased awareness and interest in the subject throughout June. With so many dogs now microchipped, ensuring owners are aware of the need to update their details on the microchipping database is an equally important educational message for vets to convey“

Tracer Advance Slim is the UK’s No.1 choice of microchip among veterinary professionals. It offers a host of great benefits for clients, including lifetime registration with the Petlog database and a 4 weeks’ free client activated pet insurance voucher from Petplan, for eligible cats, dogs and rabbits.



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