My Pets Ashes

My Pets Ashes is the latest specialist website from the award-winning Scattering Ashes Family Business.


Based in Dartmoor in Devon Karen and Richard have been helping customers to celebrate the life of their pets for over seven years. When they lost their gorgeous April, and experienced the loss of their family cat, Karen decided to dedicate a website to pet’s ashes.

Karen and Richard are fervent believers of the celebrating the life lived. When someone loses a pet, it can be as devastating as losing any family member and often there is not even a proper funeral for you to mourn the loss. If you find a pet crematorium that understands that loss then you are lucky, usually you are simply handed a tube of ashes.

My Pets Ashes is an advice website for anything and everything to do with pet ashes, from recommending how to bury the ashes in the garden to inspiring stories of coping with the loss of a pet. They are 100% customer driven and have seven years of listening to what customers want and making sure they get to memorialise their beloved pet in a way that they can feel confident about.

Passionate about beauty, Richard is a trustee of the Devon Guild of Craftsmen, they work with local talented artists to create gorgeous urns and keepsakes that cleverly hold ashes whilst being completely discreet. From Saggar fired ceramics to lamp-work beads to stainless steel garden sculptures.

Karen commented; “We believe that our website is helping to change attitudes around pet bereavement, over 50% of pets are cremated, often in a very utilitarian building, and you are left with a container of ashes. But what next? We provide customers with a plethora of ideas about how they can make an emotional event a way of celebrating the life lived, giving them the confidence to mark this stage in their journey in a dignified and joyful way.

“And, despite being an online business, we regularly get hand-written letters of thanks, our customers really appreciate the time we take to give them the right advice for what they are trying to achieve and to help them remember their beloved pet.”

Karen has created a 12 stage Pet Bereavement Guide infographic, it's simple, eye-catching and would be good to display in any veterinary surgery. She is happy to send it out to any vet who is interested in helping their clients through an often difficult and emotional time in their lives.


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