iolight pocket microscope iolight pocket microscope

Precision portable microscope wins prestigious European Design Award

A month of celebration was in order for ioLight, as the world's first portable high resolution digital microscope won the European Product Design Award and over achieved with it's second investment campaign.

The ioLight high resolution portable microscope has won the European Product Design Award 2017 in the Industrial and Life Science Design category. The European Product Design Award chronicles the most eminent trends in product design worldwide and attracted over 500 entries from 43 countries. Each submitted design was evaluated by the highly qualified EPDA Jury on its own merit based on form, function and innovation. 

In 2014 ioLight co-founders, Oxford physicists Andrew Monk and Richard Williams, filed a patent application for a pocketsized digital microscope with a performance that compares with expensive laboratory microscopes. They asked Cambridge Industrial Design to realise the product and the end result has become a major success.

The design brief was challenging as the device had to deliver its images with one micron resolution (required to view human or animal cells) onto a smartphone or tablet, whilst remaining portable and easy to use.

Until now, this level of optical resolution has only been possible on large laboratory microscopes mounted on benches, which are impractical in field applications. The ioLight brief was for the microscope to fit into a pocket, which in turn meant that it had to be folded.

However, this could result in a loss of rigidity which is so important to achieve high resolution images. This major design challenge has been overcome with the use of a single hinge and the end result is a revolutionary device with high resolution that is both portable and robust. The last challenge was for the finished product to be cool and stylish and to be economical to build in both medium and high volumes.

The product’s designers at Cambridge Industrial Design worked closely with the ioLight team to create an attractive and robust design that excels in every aspect of the brief. Alex Jones, managing director of Cambridge Industrial Design says, “We recognised immediately this was a great idea but the design brief was certainly a challenge. Fortunately, challenges can sometimes bring out the best in designers. 

“The final design is a real success both aesthetically and ergonomically, and this award is a fantastic acknowledgement for the design process and the final product that we have created together with ioLight. "

To add to the excitement of the award, ioLight has also achieved major success with fundraising.

Following on from a very successful equity funding campaign in 2015, ioLight has recently closed a second round of equity funding and raised £320k on the Crowdcube platform (128% of the initial target). This was supported by 335 investors. 

The new funding opens up a whole new vista of opportunities and allows the company to promote the microscope into a wide range of target markets including vets, education, laboratory and field research, museums and public engagement as well as to international markets. The simplicity of the product makes it ideal for use in the field, even far from an internet connection. This also makes it perfect for people who are new to microscopy.