TV Vet Promotes Quality and Safety of Little Knights Paint Range

A new range of paint that claims to be the safest on the market has received the backing of TV vet Dr Scott Miller.


Dr Miller has sung the praises of Little Knights paint after using it in his new veterinary practice in Richmond.

And Dr Miller admitted he was so impressed with the safety and quality of the new paint that he was now planning to use it for his children’s room as well.

Little Knights was launched in February, offering a high-quality range of hand-picked colours and the ability to fight back against germs, bacteria and pollution in the home by being 100% VOC-free and anti-bacterial while also helping to absorb formaldehyde from the air.

Dr Miller said: “I have used Little Knights paint in my new veterinary practice where the highest of sterility is needed.

“The paint was great quality and being antifungal and antibacterial it was perfectly fit for purpose. It's so good I'm going to paint my kids’ rooms with it.”

Little Knights founder Mark Gardner, a colour matcher and leading coatings specialist, spent four years testing the paint to create the perfect family-friendly product.

He said: “We are delighted to hear how impressed Scott is with the paint and to have his support.

“Little Knights is a real game-changer in terms of quality and safety for any environment. As Scott has said, it is ideal for children’s rooms and nurseries, veterinary surgeries and schools to name a few.”

Mark also worked with one of the biggest resin companies in the world to develop the unique formaldehyde absorbing resin structure within the paint. 

Mark said: “There is not a single ingredient within Little Knights paint that isn’t completely safe.  I have been making coatings for 35 years - our products are in schools, hospitals and restaurants and our coatings have been used in places such as the new Wembley Stadium and on-set in Game of Thrones.”

The colours, chosen by renowned designer Louise Hampshire, are inspired by the Suffolk countryside and include Constable Clouds and Gainsborough Wash while Apricot Ice Cream evokes memories of strolling along the seafront at Aldeburgh.



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