Bimeda Supports Continuing Professional Development For SQPs With Free Video Webinar On Parasite Control

Bimeda is pleased to announce their latest initiative to offer more value to SQPs – a free video webinar entitled “Tackling Ectoparasite Infestations.


The video webinar is hosted by Dr Peter Bates, PH.D., M.R.S.B., C.Biol., F.R.E.S. who is an expert in the field of ecto-parasite control. Peter discusses the key ectoparasites which affect sheep and the impact on their welfare and productivity as a result.


SQPs can register for CPD points and can sign up to the free webinar, which is hosted on the website.


During the pre-recorded webinar, Peter discusses how vital appropriate product selection is to tackling ectoparasite infestation. Different approaches for each parasite and the benefits of each approach are also discussed. There are many other factors integral to control in addition to medicinal products and these are also covered to ensure that SQPs are able to give clients the best advice.



Regarding the video webinar European Marketing Manager for Bimeda, Mary Murphy, commented; “we remain committed to delivering ongoing professional education to the SQP community and we believe that this webinar will provide a great opportunity for SPQs to upgrade their knowledge while earning CPD points. The beauty of the video webinar is its flexibility - it can be done when convenient to each individual. This webinar is another service that Bimeda are very proud to offer SQPs to further help with their continuing professional development and it is completely free!”