Q&A With Sarah Brown Cards

Sarah Brown Cards has recently moved into new office facilities and we spoke to Sarah about the reasons behind the move, what the new facilities offer and what the future holds for Sarah Brown Cards.


1. What was the reasoning behind the change of premises?

We had out grown our previous premises after six years there and needed more space for packing the cards, storage and an admin area where we had space to have more than one person working at a time.

The opportunity to move the business just half a mile up the road to a lovely 17th century barn in the small market town of Bungay was offered at just at the right time for us by a lovely local, let’s just say an older country gent who pops in regularly for a cuppa and a natter.

2. When did you complete the move and how is everything getting settled in?

The business was moved at the beginning of the year and seven months on we are now fully settled in. As all moves are, it was hard work.

I have always run the business for the last fifteen years from home so it was a very odd experience moving both the business and myself to new premises! Once all the new fixtures and fittings were in place, we made it our own.

As the new site for Sarah Brown Cards is a large old barn and it was January when we moved we all walked around in multiple layers of socks, jumpers, jackets and coats until the heating system was put in a few weeks later. The space we have here is great and I never thought we would fill it but with several new designs added to my range this year that has been easily achieved making our move a definite must!

3. What do the new premises offer you that the old one didn’t?

The space we have here is wonderful and now I look back I don’t know how we managed in the much smaller office at home.

The barn is a 17th century Old Tannery and is right next the River Waveney overlooking The Falcon Meadow, such a lovely location to be working from and I will get out there and do some watercolour paintings now the summer is here.

4. What attracted you to the new office building?

The barn is situated on Bridge Street Bungay and I previously lived in the street for 25 years, so I knew the barn and had been inside on many occasions after knowing the gentleman who owns it for some time now.

My daughter still lives in the street and is literally three doors away and now runs the business for me which is great so I can enjoy some retirement time, but I find myself there most days as I like to keep an eye on things!

5. When did you realise you had to upgrade to a bigger office building?

My house just became over run with boxes, cards, paper, packaging etc. as the converted outhouse we were using, which was great a few years ago, just could not contain all the things we needed to run the business anymore.

6. Do you anticipate the launch of any new product offerings because of the new building upgrade?

Yes, I have recently added eight new designs to my range and introduced Remembrance seeds to be scattered in memory of your beloved pet.

Having the barn now means we can store and keep all designs on site to ensure we always have all designs, seeds and Pet Casket Bags in stock!

7. Any plans to expand the workforce?

My daughter Charlotte now runs the business, giving me the freedom and time to paint new designs and I wanted to keep the business I started all those years ago in the family.

We have two lovely ladies Anna and Sonia who work part-time packing up all the orders and we have just employed Matt who is our new "Tech Guy!".

With the nature of the business changing now to more internet/web based orders, advertising etc from a few years back I needed someone who could keep on top of the website, Facebook page etc as it is all still relatively new to the company and both my daughter and I try our best but Matt just seems to press a few buttons and things work!

Matt has also taken on the role of customising my cards for different Veterinary Practices with their logos, addresses and personal unique messages they wish to have printed inside.

Matt is an old family friend as are Sonia and Anna so the company has kept its uniqueness as a small family, friendly run business which does its best to give an excellent service to all our customers.

8. Any other announcements you would like to tell us about?

I am about to introduce a Seasonal Selection Range introducing four new different cards throughout the year corresponding with whatever season we are in.

There will be four new cards per year as well as my usual range of cards that will fit in nicely with the current card range. These can be used by all Veterinary Practices either as a sympathy card or for general use within the practice environment.

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