‘Hub and spoke’ model key to success as Medivet celebrates double milestone

The ‘hub and spoke’ business model is a key ingredient in Medivet’s success and longevity, says CEO Arnold Levy, as the company marks 30 years in the profession and reaches 200 practices.


The Medivet family of practices is celebrating its 30th birthday across the country, capping a bumper year for the group as it opened its 200th practice at the start of October – with over 50 practices added to date this year alone.


Arnold Levy, CEO at Medivet, attributed the success to the family feel in the group, and said the unique model they operate is key to its achievements.


“There are lots of things that have led to us being in the position we are now: our wonderful team and partners across the country, our passion for offering the best treatment, and the opportunities we offer vets wanting to run and own their practice.”

“Much of that stems from our unique hub and spoke model. Without it, we wouldn’t be where we are – it really is central to all we do.”


Medivet’s hub and spoke model allows smaller branches to offer pet owners services that otherwise wouldn’t be possible – referrals or specialist diagnostics, for example, can simply be passed on to another nearby practice or the bigger ‘hub’ if needs be.


There are nine 24-hour centres (hubs) located around the UK, which boast state-of-the-art facilities. The rest of the Medivet group consists of a large integrated network of practices, or ‘spokes’.


Alison Jones heads up Medivet’s 200th practice in Gloucester and celebrated the opening in October with the practice team and other senior partners from Medivet.


She said the support that Medivet offers was a big part of the decision to sell her practice and joins as a partner of the group.


“The vast expertise in both the clinical and management fields that Medivet has to offer can take a huge strain off a busy practitioner. In addition, the inter-site communications, along with help via the Support Centre from a team of specialists in areas such as health and safety, employment law and marketing means each clinic can still operate as a local practice, but has the back-up of the whole Medivet team when needed.”


“I have been impressed by how even the managers have not forgotten what it means to be a practising veterinary surgeon and have not lost their compassion for animals or passion for our profession. I feel I am working with people ‘like me’ and that makes me feel secure and understood.”



To find out more about the unique opportunities the Medivet model could offer you, visit: www.medivet.co.uk