Lintbells Partners With Practices To Make More Happy Days

Summer may be all about relaxing and enjoying some downtime but for pets that’s not always the case.


It’s estimated that nearly one in four dogs are upset by car travel and as many as 80% show an undesirable response to strangers.  That can make the holiday season a lot more stressful than many pet owners realise.

YuCALM Dog is all about helping dogs to live a normal, happy life. There’s no sedation and the supplement is completely natural. In July, Lintbells launched its Happy Dogs, Happy Days campaign to provide practices with the tools they need to inform clients about the issues.

Despite the joyful vibe, the campaign has a serious purpose, as Lintbellls’ Marketing Executive Gemma Cunningham explains, “All too often the signs of stress or anxiety in pets go unrecognised or are misinterpreted by pet owners. That means that dogs don’t get the help they need at an early stage, with the potential for them to become sensitised to triggers and develop phobias. The consequences are much harder to manage and involve significant distress both for pets and their owners.  We want to help practices play a role in avoiding this kind of escalation by providing support at the right time.”

Selected practices will already have received their Happy Dogs, Happy Days support packs. There’s scope too for more practices to join in, simply by calling Lintbells on 01462 790886 or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Participating practices will receive display kits to raise awareness of the warning signs of stress and anxiety in their dogs and provide a talking point. There is also a comprehensive digital tool kit including social media posts, emailers, infographics and banners, as well as an educational video, ideal for waiting rooms, social media or the practice website.


There’s lots of information about Lintbells products and campaigns available at, including some CPD and revision that will help the practice team manage canine anxiety effectively. At London Vet Show Lintbells can be found at stand U50.