London Animal Hospital acquires Siemens CT Scanner with the help of SFS

The London Animal Hospital (TLAH) is a veterinary practice and 24/7 animal hospital with state of the art facilities based in Camberwell, London.


The practice offers traditional veterinary support to local residents as well as emergency care. It also provides specialist treatments which enables the practice to accept referrals from other veterinary practices.

TLAH needed to acquire a large range of high value equipment and used flexible finance as an investment enabler. As Director of the practice, David Cuffe explains: “Veterinary equipment is very expensive. I have managed several practices previously and I often use financing arrangements such as leasing to make these investments possible.”

TLAH worked with its equipment supplier, PLH Medical to source its equipment. PLH Medical is a Siemens Healthineers’ distributor from advanced veterinary CT imaging solutions, and recommended to TLAH a turnkey solution with the Siemens SOMATOM go.Now CT scanner, along with a Zoomax 50kW X-ray.

David continues: “SFS got in touch with us to discuss finance for these machines. Their approach was particularly welcome as, given the competitiveness of the offering, it saved me contacting and appraising other finance providers during what was a particularly busy time.”

A hire purchase agreement was arranged, which will give TLAH ownership of the equipment at the end of the term. The five year agreement period helps spread the cost of the equipment in manageable payments, making the costs more affordable for TLAH.

TLAH found SFS to be very helpful, knowledgeable and extremely well organised. The team at SFS worked hard to make sure that the finance was implemented smoothly. For example, the terms of the arrangement were well-defined from the outset and remained so, which gave TLAH clarity for financial planning.  TLAH also found it particularly reassuring that the whole process was managed seamlessly end-to-end by the trust brand of Siemens.

David summarises: “Finance from SFS has helped me to expand my veterinary business. The SFS team are extremely professional and very approachable. I have worked with many financiers over the years and I am certainly keen to work with SFS again in the future.”


Sally-Anne Whybrow, Sales Manager, Siemens Financial Services adds: “Many veterinary practices need to use flexible finance to acquire expensive equipment. Working with a financier familiar with the sector, the technology and its applications can ensure practices have access to tailored financial arrangements and benefit from an efficient and easy implementation process.”