AFSCAN Announces New Initiatives For 2017

The African Small Companion Animal Network (AFSCAN) announced two new initiatives for 2017 as part of its work to drive up standards of veterinary care for companion animals in Africa.

  The new initiatives were announced during a meeting of the AFSCAN Board and Ambassadors from the five participating countries, Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda.  The meeting was hosted by the Veterinary Association of Namibia (VAN) and took place prior to its annual congress at Swakopmund. The initiatives are:

  •          A pilot project in Kenya which will involve veterinarians in using a tablet-based app to collect demographic and health-related data from dogs visiting veterinary practices.  The information will provide a valuable baseline perspective on canine health in Kenya and has the future potential to be extended across the AFSCAN countries.  This project is being supported by the UK Petplan Charitable Trust.
  •          A ‘twinning program’ that will offer African veterinarians the opportunity to partner with a veterinary hospital in the USA. The project aims to provide a long-term mentoring relationship for the African veterinarian and the opportunity for the American partner to be directly involved in international veterinary development.  This project is being supported by Zoetis.


AFSCAN is an initiative from the World Small Animal Veterinary Association's (WSAVA) charitable Foundation.  It is working towards its goal of enhancing standards of veterinary care in Africa through the provision of online education and continuing education (CE) to veterinarians and through facilitating the creation of a sustainable network of small companion animal veterinary associations (SAVA’s) in the participating countries. 

It is also supporting rabies control projects in Africa in partnership with charity Mission Rabies and facilitating the development of a culture of companion animal clinical research.  Launched in 2014 and backed by global animal health company Zoetis and veterinary supplies company, KRUUSE, AFSCAN is also supported by a Consortium of other sponsors.