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Livestock farmers should be protecting stock against flies early and throughout the season in order to prevent production losses.

Sarah and Julian have both worked in zoos in the UK for a number of years.  Julian as a zoo keeper then senior head keeper and Sarah first as a vet in general practice working in zoos then as a full-time zoo vet.

Major health issues have proven to be the main reason sheep farmers seek advice from vets, with many being hesitant to seek help too early due to perceived lack of expertise and a desire for self-sufficiency.

Authorisation for Official Veterinarians to Undertake Pre and Post-movement Testing.

Chinese scientists say they have produced cloned cattle that have an increased resistance to bovine tuberculosis.

The British Cattle Veterinary Association (BCVA) is urging vets to avoid preventative use of antibiotics where possible, and to clamp down on the use of critically important antibiotics (CIAs).

A 10% reduction in sales of antibiotics for use in food-producing animals in the UK has been described as ‘very encouraging’ by RUMA, the agricultural and food industry alliance which promotes responsible use of medicines in farm animals.

PBD Biotech Ltd, a company specialising in novel bacteriophage-based diagnostic technology in the field of veterinary and agricultural diagnostics, has been established. PBD Biotech will aim to Use new technology to transform veterinary diagnostics.

Virbac has launched Curacef Duo, a unique combination of antibiotic and NSAID offering an alternative approach to the treatment of bovine respiratory disease (BRD) caused by Mannhaemia haemolytica and Pasteurella multocida.