Recent Tuberculosis Instruction Updates

Authorisation for Official Veterinarians to Undertake Pre and Post-movement Testing.


Under the current TB Orders in force in England, Scotland and Wales, TB testing can only be undertaken under the written consent of the Secretary of State, the Scottish Ministers or Welsh Ministers respectively.

In order to facilitate the delivery of the pre- and post-movement testing requirements a General Authorisation has been issued allowing Official Veterinarians (OVs) to perform testing for pre and post-movement testing purposes provided the following;

·         bovine animals are tested no less than 60 days after any previous tuberculin skin test

·         the OV is satisfied that the herd from where the bovine animals are to be moved from is not under TB movement restrictions


·         having carried out such a test, the result of that test must be reported immediately to APHA

The authorisation does not cover TB testing undertaken for other statutory purposes or other types of lawful privately-funded TB testing.

All OVs will need to obtain written authorisation from the Veterinary Head of Field Delivery (VHoFD)/Veterinary Lead Scotland (VLS)/Veterinary Lead Wales (VLW) in order to undertake pre-movement testing in restricted herds or private testing for other purposes, refer to the Private Tests Including Tests for Export instructions.


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