Chapman Zoo Consultancy

Sarah and Julian have both worked in zoos in the UK for a number of years.  Julian as a zoo keeper then senior head keeper and Sarah first as a vet in general practice working in zoos then as a full-time zoo vet.

  Julian’s interests lie in management of large hoof stock, especially rhino, zoo design and environmental enrichment.  He is also experienced in breeding and managing various bird species as well as the breeding and release of the endangered common dormouse. 

Sarah is an RCVS specialist in Zoo and Wildlife Medicine and her main interest is in large mammals such as elephants, great apes and large carnivores.  Following working for various zoos, they decided to branch on their own and take the plunge to start up their own business in January this year.  They feel that together they have the skills and experience to provide services to zoos, colleges and farm parks regarding veterinary and management issues.  They also felt there was a gap for quality zoo CPD training in the UK for vets, nurses and students who may not have the opportunity to attend the larger zoo conferences. 

Both of them enjoy teaching and lecturing so it is definitely something they would like to do more of. Both are passionate about animal welfare and want to promote optimal welfare through advising and teaching about zoo animals.

Currently, there isn’t any CPD in the UK specifically designed for vets and nurses in general practice that do zoo work as part of their daily job – alongside small or mixed practice.  Their first event for vets is taking place in May 2017 and is a two-day lecture based CPD training course entitled: Modern Zoo Animal Health Management. 

It will be taking place at the Appleby Hotel near Tamworth which is a central, easily accessible location for delegates.  The course is designed to cover all aspects of a vet’s role within a zoological environment as well as important management topics including nutrition, husbandry, breeding management options, enrichment and training. 

Veterinary topics will include preventative medicine regimes, clinical approaches and health assessments, animal transfers, legislation and pathology.

Interested parties can contact Julian and Sarah via their website or email them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

Key message:

“We are keen to promote optimum welfare for captive animals and would like to do this through advising individual clients and training of veterinary professionals”.