Animalcare extends livestock range

Leading veterinary product specialists Animalcare Ltd has extended its range of livestock products with the launch of Marbocare (marbofloxacin) 100mg/ml solution for injection. 

Licensed for use in cattle and pigs, Marbocare offers a unique flexible dosage regimen of once daily injections for three days against E.coli mastitis and bovine respiratory disease (BRD) plus a single intramuscular (IM) high dose (8mg/100kg) for bovine respiratory disease. 

This regimen, coupled with the flexibility of administration afforded by all three injection routes (intravenous IV, subcutaneous SC and IM), a low volume dose and good syringeability, all combine to offer ease of use; resulting in a reduction in handling and less stress for the cattle.

A third-generation fluoroquinolone, developed for veterinary use only, Marbocare has broad-spectrum activity against Gram+ve and Gram-ve pathogens and has proved especially effective against E.coli mastitis and the key bacterial pathogens associated with BRD, as well as M.bovis.  Marbocare offers a rapid return to production with short milk withdrawal times, 36 hours after the last treatment following the three day course and 72 hours after a single shot for BRD. Meat: withdrawal is six days after multiple injections and three days after the single shot.

Marbofloxacin has proven efficacy in a comparative international, multi-centre, controlled, randomised field trial in 62 dairy cows with E.coli mastitis. Marbofloxacin cure rates were significantly higher than the control product. In respiratory disease it showed a more rapid clinical response in comparison to tilmicosin, ceftiofur and oxytetracycline. Marbofloxacin was also shown to be well-tolerated, leading to a fast return to appetite, liveweight gain and associated welfare benefits.

“Marbocare is competitively priced whether used on its own or alongside a single-dose anti-inflammatory such as Emdocam (meloxicam),” Tony Liepman, Product Manager from Animalcare, told VSM.

Marbocare is a POM-V licensed product presented in 50 and 100ml multi-dose vials. 

Animalcare advises on using the correct dose for the clinical indication and target species and encourages responsible use of fluoroquinolones on farm animals.


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