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Kitvia produce a rapid test strip for the determination of urea nitrogen in whole blood. Among other functions, urea plays a major role as a carrier of waste nitrogen in animal metabolism.

Asuntol from Bayer Animal Health is provided for the control of ticks, sucking and biting lice, fleas, depluming mites, sheep keds, biting and sucking flies, fly larvae in wounds, and mange mites in all domestic animals, except cats.

Novartis has relaunched its 15% injectable solution of the antibiotic Framomycin for cattle in the UK and Ireland.

BLFD is a chronic condition in cattle. The clinical signs are not easy to spot but it can be a source of significant production losses. The life cycle of the liver fluke is long and complex, taking several months compared with an average three weeks for most worms. It involves an intermediate host — the mud snail. The fluke life cycle is closely linked to the biology of the snail and to climate conditions. It thrives in mild temperatures and humidity.

A new antibiotic has been unveiled by Norbrook Laboratories for use in the treatment of pneumonia. Norfenicol Solution for injection is a broad spectrum antibiotic licensed for the treatment of both cattle and pigs.    

With most of the UK’s veterinary schools now Haptic Cow users, Virtalis is launching this unique veterinary trainer internationally. 

SECUROS prides itself on producing the highest quality implants and instrumentation available today. Our implants are made of the highest grade 316LVM German implant stainless steel.

Introducing the brand new Draminski iScan (launched August 2012). This new improved model replaces the popular Animal Profi L, and boasts

A range of case studies has been unveiled by Dechra Veterinary Products, to support its new campaign focused on the diagnosis and treatment of otitis externa.