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  • 02 June 2016

Training is an asset to your practice and team – Onswitch training

Your team are the most valuable asset at your practice, as well as the most expensive - accounting for around 40% of revenue. Thus it makes sense to develop a coherent strategy of training and CPD to support and develop every single member, from the front desk to the consult room.

At Onswitch we believe that delivering a consistently brilliant customer experience is key to practice success - you might be the best surgeon, with all the latest equipment, but without a strong reputation for being welcoming, honest and understanding it won't count for anything.

Optimising the customer experience at your practice requires everyone in the team to sign on to your values and be motivated to deliver them in every conversation, with every client. This can be achieved with a simple, but highly effective process:

• Train 

• Measure 

• Manage 

• .... then repeat!

What this means in practice is that you recruit the right people who share your approach, integrating them into the existing team with a thorough induction programme. offers a comprehensive and very cost effective solution here - the huge online bank of learning resources is structured to offer both new employees and seasoned team members the opportunity to work through a series of 30-minute tutorials, at a time and place convenient to them. Each session shares both basic theory and practical tips to help the team deliver great customer care. Practice membership costs just £99 +VAT per month, allowing up to ten people unlimited access to high quality CPD.

You'll then want to help the team develop their communication skills, so that receptionists can convert more casual callers into clients and help existing clients take advantage of more practice services; whilst VNs and vets learn to communicate effectively with owners and make clear recommendations for their pets' care. Onswitch have created a series of one-day courses with uniquely veterinary content, each delivered onboard Bertha, our award-winning mobile CPD venue. Courses cover a range of topics and prices start from just £285 +VAT per delegate:

• 5 Steps / 5 Steps Equine - telephone training for the customer care team

• 7 Steps - communication skills for the clinical team

• Customer Journey

• Managing Difficult Situations

• Developing Cattitude

Find out more and book tickets for our next visit to your town at

Once you've invested focus, time and energy in training your team, it makes sense to measure performance improvements. Because it can be difficult to quantify customer care, Onswitch have developed the Index - a monthly reporting tool for telephone customer care that benchmarks your practice against the national average, collecting data in key parameters month by month. From just £130 +VAT each month you'll receive recordings of the calls made to your practice and a report plotting performance. With real data you'll be able to develop SMART objectives and base your business decisions on facts, not guesswork. 

The Onswitch model is proven to work - many Index practices across the UK and Europe are seeing significant growth in turnover as a result of training, measuring and managing performance. We'd love to work with you too - why not call us on 01476 565343 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a no-obligation chat to see how we can help you deliver that all-important superior customer experience?