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  • 07 September 2016

Practice furniture solutions from Technik Veterinary

Quality and lifecycle counts. Whether you are setting up a brand new practice or looking to refit an existing one it’s important that the furniture installed is suitable for the day-to-day needs of a veterinary practice.

This means taking into consideration a range of different factors including the furniture’s intended purpose, the material it’s made from, its hygienic properties, its longevity and finally how often it will be used.

At TECHNIK these are all factors that are considered during the design process throughout the entire furniture range. This range includes bespoke kennels and cat pens , tables, sinks, cupboards, cabinets, racking and shelving, lockers, seating, waste bins and general accessories. All of which are designed to be of the highest quality so that they’re long lasting and offer more value over their lifetime than cheaper alternatives that often need replacing sooner. 

Important considerations when purchasing furniture such as cabinets and cupboards is material selection and construction method. Cheaper materials such as MDF or chipboard are often off the shelf carcases as found at local builders’ merchants or DIY stores. This type of domestic furniture is less suitable for a professional practice setting. The composite wood construction of standard cabinetry lacks robust strength and can harbour moisture; making a less hygienic environment that can in-turn harbour bacteria. 

All of TECHNIK’s furniture is crafted from either stainless steel or Sealwise polymer (a waterproof construction board).  Both of these options offer significant hygiene and strength benefits over wood based construction. 

Stainless steel is perfect for high-traffic areas and intensively used equipment as it is easy to clean and maintain, which helps to prevent the growth and spread of bacteria. Stainless steel is also well recognised as being very durable and long lasting.   

Sealwise is also an ideal construction material for veterinary practice furniture, as it is a closed cell polymer that prevents moisture and bacteria from permeating into the furniture. This means that a steam cleaner can be used on the furniture to prevent the spread of lingering germs and dirt even in hard to reach corners. Made from completely recycled material Sealwise is designed to have a minimum lifespan of 15 years making it an environmentally friendly solution that offers significant life time value for practice furniture. 

Practices are individual and require various specifications and they often have specific requirements. The TECHNIK design service aims to work with each practice to provide a scheme that is tailored to the client’s individual needs. TECHNIK Veterinary is a British design and manufacturing company. This means furniture ranges can be offered in a variety of different configurations and with optional extras to ensure the customer gets the perfect fit. Product specific options include items such as integrated storage and electrical rails where required.  

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