• 28 February 2017

Social media: A full time job (believe it or not!)

We are gone past wondering if social media is really important to people - the answer is it’s a massive mainstay that is experiencing an explosive growth in usage, reach and diversity of platforms to choose from.


In the UK alone, with 88% of the 65.1 million people using the internet, over 60% of those are on Facebook so, in rough numbers, there are about 40 million people using just one of the many social media services available.

But just mentioning people are using these services would be to severely underrepresent the power of social media. These days, and it’s not looking like it will die out any time soon, people turn to social media to inform them of everything from serious news to consumer habits. What does this mean for you, the practice owner or manager or just the go-getter clinician that wants to give the best to your clients? It means you have to do social media and you have to do it right.

So, if the quality of your online presence determines if people are going to choose your business or go somewhere else, what do you have to do?

By far, the most popular social media platform at the moment is Facebook which means the practice is going to need a Facebook page. That’s great! Now you are online, you’re someone on the big, open world and step two is attracting your consumer base to your page. This requires content to be posted regularly, knowing how Facebook handles your information and how it will be showing it to people, crafting good, strong content so consumers won’t have a bad impression of your practice, engaging with your clients, replying to messages and keeping a keen eye on your reviews. All of this, of course, just the basics. There is plenty more you can do to have an online personality that will give your regulars what they want to see and show new clients how good you are at a glance.

Sound busy? That’s because it is and you can’t afford to do bad social media.

It takes a lot of time (which equates to a lot of money) and serious expertise, still think it’s farfetched to say it’s a full-time job? Leaving all of this headache to experts like Vet Inflow will free up whoever had to dispense with their time to do it (receptionist, nurse, manager or clinician), save you money and get you clients.


Vet Inflow will make sure your online presence is always at the hot spot of your consumer base, so you’re never talking to an empty audience be this at Facebook today or whatever novel platforms might emerge tomorrow. We’ll help you get the most out of your Facebook page without tying up anyone at your practice and we’ll keep you firmly on the pulse of new trends so all your hard work can really make a difference.

By Marcelo Alves MD MBA, Vet Inflow’s Managing Director