CPD courses from MIUS CPD courses from MIUS
  • 24 March 2017

CPD courses from MIUS

To complement their range of CT, MRI & Ultrasound scanners, MIUS are proud to announce a new range of CPD courses for 2017 for CT and Ultrasound users.

Mount’s newest CT course is for vets who are new to CT scanning, or are looking to get a CT scanner for the surgery but not sure they can ‘drive’ it.  Topics covered on the course include; how to set up the scanner for the best scan, patient positioning, setting regions of interest and capturing the image that you need, this will then be followed by sessions using software to reconstruct and process the images for viewing and exporting.

MIUS also offer a CT Seminar day for surgeries who are looking to invest in CT, but need a little more knowledge before making the decision, the seminar looks more at CT from a business perspective and has sessions covering RPA considerations, room design and basic surgery requirements, along with some practical sessions to get an idea of what’s involved in a CT scan.

Their modular ultrasound courses are designed to help you develop your abdominal and cardiology scanning skills from a basic level through to an advanced level allowing you to effectively ‘drive’ your scanner, increase your confidence and enable more accurate diagnosis. MIUS offer three levels of course: Mount’s introductory ‘Getting Started’ course, followed by the intermediate level ‘Moving On’ course, covering both abdominal and cardiology scanning. MIUS’ advanced ‘Becoming an Expert’ course concentrates on cardiology scanning.

For dates of these courses and more information please visit http://mius.org.uk/mius-veterinary/courses/  or call 01452729380 to book a place.