• 10 July 2017

ONCORE And Bella Moss Foundation Team Up Again, Helping You To Get Your Infection Control 'Protocols Into Practice'

Need to revamp your infection control SOPS in your practice?


Become an infection control champion with charity CPD course!

Scrub up on your infection control knowledge with the popular “Practical Infection Control” course, created by ONCORE Online Learning in collaboration with The Bella Moss Foundation.

The Bella Moss Foundation (BMF) has once again teamed up with ONCORE Online Learning to run its popular online learning module, devised to help staff beat the superbugs and implement rigorous, tailored infection controls in practice.

The course enables participants to meet PSS infection control criteria, as well as echoing the college’s proposals for outcome-based, interactive and reflective CPD.

Practical Infection Control is delivered online as a fully tutored course, and students will have access to ONCORE's dedicated virtual learning environment which will host a lecture, learning materials and discussion forums.

Course materials and ongoing tutor support and assessment will be provided by expert VN lecturer and BMF advisor Louise O'Dwyer. From participation in the course students will be able to create and implement their own tailored infection control standard operating procedure for their practice, which will be evaluated by Louise, and will be empowered to address and implement structured and effective Infection Control protocols within their practice.

RVN Jane Roebuck completed Practical Infection Control earlier this year. She felt that the module content and materials were 'Excellent' and 'covered a vast amount that was all relevant for my place of work.' She found the course 'extremely easy to follow' and that it provided 'useful literature and information'. In terms of support for the course she add that 'ONCORE were wonderful at answering any questions or queries. Jill and the tutor Louise were so supportive and helpful, All the questions and queries we had were answered. They both had a tremendous amount of knowledge on the subject.'

In terms of the learning facilities, Jane said that 'the discussion forums were especially helpful and hearing about other people's views and ideas was excellent.'

She added that she would definitely recommend ONCORE and the Practical Infection Control course to others.

Jill Macdonald, RVN and founder of ONCORE Online Learning, said: “The course creates a real 'community' of like-minded people keen to better infection control in their practices, and to be able to share issues and help each other find the answers is such a valuable asset.

“The flexibility of the course allows participants to discuss any aspect of infection control they find challenging, interesting or pertinent - they are not constrained to a fixed syllabus. Louise does a wonderful job of leading participants to the answers to their questions.

“The fact that participants come out of the course with their own first protocol for practice, that they receive valuable feedback on from expert Louise, empowers them to go on and apply the same principles to other areas in their clinics. It's a great springboard!”


A donation is made to BMF for every delegate to help the charity continue to fund veterinary education and 24/7 support for pet owners seeking advice on antimicrobial resistant infections, and the course is also supported by JAK marketing, who have wealth of knowledge on products to support Infection Control.