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  • 26 July 2017

Your Biosecurity enhanced by ensuring hand hygiene compliance with Purehold door systems.

Purehold Hygiene Door Handles automatically dispense sanitising gel into the hands of busy Vets and Nurses. High frequency touch points including door handles within busy Veterinary environments are a potential transit of bacteria and are rarely cleaned often enough in most cases.


Independent tests prove the Purehold Hygiene Handle to be 98.5% cleaner than a standard door handle, plus the sites hand hygiene compliance can reach 80-90% when installed at the right locations. Within human healthcare the WHO - World Health Organisation reports that healthcare sites typically over report their hand hygiene compliance, siting that some hospitals under independent survey, rarely reach past 40% compliance.

With the need to reduce any post operable infection rates and to ultimately avoid Veterinary MRSP and other infections the Purehold systems will raise the bar for biosecurity within any size Veterinary practice. The technology was the brain child of an NHS Infection Control Manager, who was frustrated by his sites hand hygiene compliance figures, so went about designing a system that ensured compliance at key entry points. Made in Britain, the Purehold systems are now available to Vet Practices and are already installed across the UK within the NHS, Food Industry, Hotels and many other public venues.

Davies Veterinary Specialists in Hertfordshire was the first Veterinary site in the UK to install the Purehold system and after several months use the infection control nurse comment:

“As a busy small animal multidisciplinary referral hospital, we know how important it is to ensure that good hand hygiene remains a priority. The Purehold handle helps ensure that even when staff may be in a hurry or preoccupied by challenging cases, the clinical team do not miss an opportunity for hand sanitisation”


Rhiannon Hutton RVN DipAVN, Infection Control Nurse. Davies Veterinary Specialists.

Purehold’s exclusive partner CliniTech Medical reports; the Purehold annual cost represents great value compared to its positive impact on hand hygiene compliance. In our opinion, there is no other intervention on the market at this low level of investment, that can have such a percentage rise in hand hygiene compliance that can also be maintained.

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