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  • 20 September 2017

Best quality equipment for vets from Miele Professional

Veterinary professionals know the importance of having rigorously clean surgical instruments to control infection and prevent the risk of cross-contamination within their practices. They therefore need to be confident that the machines being used boast the highest quality of performance.


Investing in a washer disinfector not only ensures that veterinary instruments are clinically clean, but it also benefits staff by saving them time on manual washing, and assures better health and safety by minimising contact with used and sharp instruments.

The Miele Professional PG 8581 is the ideal choice. Its Vario thermal disinfection programme, (93 degrees for 5 minutes) guarantees complete infection control. 

Batches are reprocessed quickly and reliably through short cycle times and efficient drying is achieved through Miele’s EcoDry. These washer disinfectors also have a large capacity, which, combined with the comprehensive choice of trays and baskets, makes them economical to run. Further savings are achieved through the powerful circulation pump which heats water directly, making it energy efficient.

An additional benefit for veterinary practices is its low operating noise of 46.4dB(A); meaning you can run it without worrying disturbing nearby animals.

To control infection further within busy vet’s practices, it is vital that laundry facilities are considered carefully to ensure all materials are cleaned efficiently. Vets and their staff have a wide variety of items which need laundering, from soiled garments through to blankets covered in animal hair.

Investing in commercial laundry machines therefore is beneficial, as they are designed specifically to help prevent the spread of infection with their thermal disinfection cycles. Miele Professional washing machines have cycles that reach 65°C for at least 10 minutes, 71 degrees for at least 3 minutes or 82°C for at least 1 minute, ensuring the removal of 99.9% of bacteria and providing the highest standards of hygiene. Added to this, under the rules of the Water Regulatory Advisory Scheme (WRAS) all veterinary practices should have machines which conform to the regulations for Category 5 to prevent dirty or contaminated water from passing into the mains water supply.

Commercial machines cater for a variety of different needs. Miele Professional machines can handle ‘every day’ materials such as bedding, drapes and gowns, and the company’s new range of Performance and Performance Plus machines also have specialist programmes designed for veterinary practices such as reproofing overalls or washing horse rugs.

For more information on Miele Professional’s products, phone 0844 8936907, visit www.miele.co.uk/professional or follow the company on Twitter @MieleProf