• 31 December 2014

The Colourful Consultation - New to Vetacademy

The Colourful Consultation, a CPD module to help vets develop strategies and techniques crucial to the success of their business and the well-being of their staff, has been launched on Vetacademy.

The Colourful Consultation is delivered by veterinary surgeon Brian Faulkner, whose particular interest lies in how psychology can be applied to veterinary consultations in order to achieve four essential outcomes:

Clinical resolution

Client satisfaction

Financial resolution

Team harmony'n'happiness

Brian is a former Petplan Vet of the Year, as well as an honorary lecturer in Veterinary Entrepreneurship at Nottingham University. He is the Vice Chair of Business and Professional Studies at the European School of Veterinary Post Graduate Studies. Vetacademy is a service offered by online content supplier Vetstream to provide e-learning modules and online videos in partnership with some of the world’s leading veterinary CPD providers.

The Colourful Consultation model breaks the primary veterinary consultation into five stages. Each stage explores the specific behaviours and communications techniques which help vets achieve the outcomes listed above. Particular attention is paid to how vets can contain the uncertainty associated with clinical presentations, enabling them not only to make good technical decisions but also manage the ‘stress’ that comes with not being sure about ‘what is going on’ with a patient and how to decide what to do next.

Commenting, Brian said: "We aim to help vets deal with the inherent tension that can come with trying to satisfy multiple stakeholders at the same time. A key feature is exploring how a vet’s clinical orientation (their preferred diagnostic-therapeutic strategy) relates to achieving each of the four outcomes, as well as their long term financial productivity.

"When I deliver these workshops face to face, I often receive feedback that participants have been able to look at things they do every day in a new and more ordered way and that the financial response has exceeded their expectations. I'm delighted to be able to reach more vets through the release of the online version."

Dr G Mark Johnston MRCVS, Managing Director of Vetstream, commented: “The Colourful Consultation explores the important area of helping vets maximise the effectiveness of their interactions with clients in a refreshingly clear and very practical way. We are delighted to make it available on Vetacademy."

In addition to Vetcademy, Vetstream offers clinical reference services, Canis, Felis, Lapis and Equis, which, between them, provide the world’s largest online source of peer reviewed point-of-care veterinary content. Its Webpartner service specialises in the development of professional and accessible websites for veterinary practices and related businesses and organisations.


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