Practice Matters

In a series of upcoming articles CliniTech Medical shares its knowledge in the field of IT equipment and infection prevention.

We are gone past wondering if social media is really important to people - the answer is it’s a massive mainstay that is experiencing an explosive growth in usage, reach and diversity of platforms to choose from.

People don’t like change, but the fact is, change occurs all the time  and the pace of change itself is happening more quickly than ever before.

Specialist Recruiter Morag Shea from Zenopa Recruitment discusses how Social Media has made an impact when it comes to seeking new employment and suitable candidates for current roles.

At the beginning of 2017, German-based company, OR Technology introduced the DICOM cloud for medical practitioners.

Newnham Court Veterinary Group has purchased a Visbion Image Archive system for their clinic, based in Maidstone. Newnham Court consists of a tier 3 small animal veterinary hospital and a dedicated equine clinic.

Are you missing out on an important aspect of staff development?

More than 70 veterinary professionals, paraprofessionals and pet owners flocked to the launch of Davies Veterinary Specialists’ new Therapy and Fitness Centre in Higham Gobion Hertfordshire on the evening of 25th January 2017.