Practice Matters

Vet practices are in high demand at present – with demand being fueled primarily by the corporates both big and small – with the big ones looking to get even bigger, and the smaller ones hungry for more.

The sale or purchase of a veterinary practice is likely to be one of the largest financial transactions that a vet will make. Whether selling or buying, it helps to be prepared in terms of understanding the process and the logistics involved at the outset.

CVS has appointed its first Out of Ours (OOH) Director in a move which highlights its ambition to become a market leader in OOH and to offer a high-quality OOH service, both to CVS members and to independent practices, across the UK.

The idea of “the cloud” has been around in veterinary practice management for some time, but while there are several cloud-based systems out there, it’s not always that obvious what difference it makes, or why it’s such a useful change.

In a series of upcoming articles CliniTech Medical shares its knowledge in the field of IT equipment and infection prevention.

We are gone past wondering if social media is really important to people - the answer is it’s a massive mainstay that is experiencing an explosive growth in usage, reach and diversity of platforms to choose from.

People don’t like change, but the fact is, change occurs all the time  and the pace of change itself is happening more quickly than ever before.

Specialist Recruiter Morag Shea from Zenopa Recruitment discusses how Social Media has made an impact when it comes to seeking new employment and suitable candidates for current roles.