Practice Matters

Purehold Hygiene Door Handles automatically dispense sanitising gel into the hands of busy Vets and Nurses. High frequency touch points including door handles within busy Veterinary environments are a potential transit of bacteria and are rarely cleaned often enough in most cases.

Braemar Finance is well known in the veterinary sector for offering a wide range of products which are tailor-made, from our range of loans, leasing and hire purchase products. We also offer refinancing, consolidation patient finance and business loans.

As with many other sectors, those in the Health sector need to maintain a high level of vigilance in order to spot fraudsters who continue to develop new, increasingly sophisticated tactics to steal their funds.

Barely a month goes by without a new parasiticide product being launched to much fanfare and promotion. These launches are met with excitement by clinical parasitologists as it means another weapon in the arsenal when designing parasite control programs.

When Animed Vets started out in their Whitstable premises the local vet was a 'James Herriot' type figure, living and working from the barely modified town house on the High Street. This was more than 60 years ago and times have changed a lot since then!

Hiring the right employees can make or break your business. Recruiting the right person to fill a gap in your organisation could be the catalyst your company needs to surpass growth predictions. However, hiring the wrong person could have serious consequences for your business.  We spoke to Noble Futures, one of the leading recruitment agencies in the animal health sector, and asked them to give us their top tips on how to go about finding the right person for the job.

At the beginning of this year a study based in the U.S. found that Ransomware attacks quadrupled in 2016 and predicted that they will double again in 2017.