petDetect Continues to Innovate

petDetect supply a Universal Microchip Scanner that will read all microchips suitable for use in all companion animals – including horses and exotics -and still small enough to fit in your pocket.


With a good read range, the scanner cycles through frequencies which induce a response from microchips including the ‘standard’ FDX-B, but also FDX-A, FECAVA, AVID Encrypted and Trovan Unique. It is still common to find these in older animals or pets traveling to or through the UK from abroad.


petDetect’s Trovan mini microchips are great for practices regularly implanting smaller or short-haired animals. The tiny microchips have been successfully implanted in a range of smaller dogs, cats, rabbits and a wide range of exotics. A visible reduction in the needle size can reassure owners that are nervous about the level of pain their pet may experience. With increasing numbers of exotic pets in the UK, thefts of valuable species are on the rise. All Prices available on the petDetect website.