Virbac Helps Practices to Promote National Microchipping Month 2017 with Exclusive Competitions!

Virbac is excited to support National Microchipping Month this June. NMM is the chance for practices to promote all the benefits of microchipping to their clients, beyond the legal requirement in place for dogs.


Virbac wants to help practices focus on other pets, particularly cats who can roam significant distances from the home, and Virbac have once again provided an eye-catching support pack for practices to use both in the waiting room but also online. This year, to help focus on cats particularly, Virbac are running an exclusive competition to cat owners. For all cat owners microchipped with a BackHome MiniChip this June, they can enter a prize draw to win a GPS tracker for their collar to help them find out just how far their cat can roam.

Virbac is one of the UK’s leading providers of microchips with the BackHome MiniChip. At just eight mm long and featuring an anti-migration coating, the needle used is a third smaller than standard ones. BackHome is suitable for any size of species – one sized chip for all!

Dr Sarah Dixon MRCVS, BackHome Product Manager, explained: "There is no legal requirement for cats to be microchipped but the benefits are clear. We looked at a recent study which showed that, in a 24 hour period, cats ranged on average 2 hectares with an average maximum of 7 hectares – or about 10 football pitches. One cat roamed nearly 34 hectares! The competition should reinforce the message about why microchipping is beneficial to all pets.

“Whilst compulsory microchipping for dogs has been in place for a year, practices must continue to highlight to owners the advantages of getting their pets microchipped. To enable practices to engage with their clients, and to reward the hard work done by staff in practices to make these campaigns a success, we are hosting a competition for the best displays. Prizes include a 32-inch TV for waiting rooms to the winner and luxury chocolates to the runners up.”


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