Photizo joins the International Mixbreed Championship Agility UK team

Photizo is delighted to be joining Agility professionals Mandy Melville-Love and Darren Stokes along with their Border Collies, Keeva and Kruze, as the 2017 season begins.


Once again this winning team has been selected to join the International Mixbreed Championship Agility UK (IMCA) team. The couple will head out to Austria in August where both Mandy and Darren will run in the individual team events, Mandy will also compete in the new Nations Cup.

With 15 years Agility experience, Mandy and Darren have seen the sport grow to an international level and become increasingly competitive. In an environment where a millisecond on a turn can make can make or break the scores, the intensity of competition increases the risk of an injury.

Keeping their Border Collies Keeva and Kruze in peak condition is a priority for Mandy and Darren who regularly take both dogs for hydrotherapy, chiropractic and massage treatments.

Learning about red light therapy through Keeva’s chiropractor, Mandy was keen to meet Photizo at Crufts earlier this year.

Mandy explains: “Keeva picked up an injury at the start of the year and was out of action for four months. Having already seen the positive effects of red light therapy, Photizo offered exactly what we wanted: an easy to use device that we can use as part of our dogs’ daily routine. Spending time with the Photizo team at Crufts convinced us to invest in our first unit. I’m pleased to say that after only a few sessions Keeva’s movement has improved dramatically. Being full of energy Keeva is the one that will cut a paw out walking in the woods, and again we’ve seen how cuts and grazes heal in quickly after a few session of Photizo.”

As a handy pocket sized (non-invasive) treatment tool, Photizo Vetcare represents modern Phototherapy. It delivers a powerful combination of pulsating red and infra-red light in pre-programmed 30 seconds doses.

Proven to promote the natural healing process, Vets, Vet Nurses, Physiotherapists and healthcare professionals are embracing its potential across a host of conditions including musculoskeletal injuries, atopic skin conditions, and in wound management. 

Working at a cellular level, Photizo increases circulation and reduces any inflammation, which promotes natural healing. Extremely easy to use Photizo does not require any special ‘eye-wear’ unlike laser treatment products.


Ruth Milner, MD of Danetre Health, Photizo’s UK distributor commented: “We’re thrilled that Mandy and Darren will have Photizo at hand through the 2017 season. We’re committed to supporting all canine sports where Photizo helps both before and after an event. It’s also exciting that Mandy and Darren are set to shine the light amongst fellow Agility professionals as Ambassadors for Photizo.“