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Veterinary practices take the lead on microchipping

Veterinary practices are long-standing advocates of the benefits of microchipping, and most routinely implant microchips as part of the service provided to their clients. Now, thanks to the National Veterinary Database (NVD®), veterinary practices are taking the lead in ensuring microchip data held is kept up to date for the rest of a pet’s life.


It goes without saying that microchipping is only effective if microchip databases hold the most up-to-date information. A recent survey, conducted by NVD®, showed that nearly 50% of owners’ information held was incorrect. This figure is close to that of a recent study by the BVA, that stated 44% of vets were unable to reunite stray or missing microchipped dogs, due to outdated contact information.

Technology to the rescue

Working closely with AT Veterinary Systems, a leading provider of veterinary computer technology, NVD® has created a system that updates directly from a practice’s computer system. As soon as a pet is microchipped or an owner changes address or contact details, these changes are automatically communicated to NVD® and the database is updated. NVD® provides a computer terminal for each practice, to ensure all data is transmitted securely.


By taking the lead in providing an updating service, practices are helping their clients comply with microchip legislation, which requires dogs to be microchipped and the database to be kept up-to-date. Pet owners are liable for fines of up to £500 if they do not comply.

Tamara Swarbreck, of NVD®, says: “So far, much of the emphasis has been on microchip implanting but, increasingly, vets are seeing the benefits of offering the complete service.”

Whose client is it?

Practices are also being urged to consider what happens to client data when they register it with microchip databases. Does your client become a customer of the microchip database company? The National Veterinary Database takes the view that the client remains a client of the practice and no additional services or products are offered to the client. This is not the view held by all databases and practices need to consider how this fits in with their overall business.

Tamara went on to say: “Practices work hard to gain new clients so it doesn’t make sense to simply hand them over to third parties. The public has become increasingly aware of how their data is being used and registering with NVD® is a great way for practices to be fully compliant with the Data Protection Act 1998.”

All chip manufacturers and all PMSs

The NVD® service is available to practices using any of the microchips on the market. Although developed and pioneered with AT Veterinary Systems, this technology is available to practices using any modern practice management system in the UK.

Who pays?

NVD® charges a small annual fee for each pet registered for the service which practices can absorb, pass on, or pass on with a mark-up. For clients, NVD® offers convenience, compliance with the law and peace of mind, knowing pets can always be safely reunited. These benefits make NVD® a real practice builder and really demonstrate the care provided to clients and their pets.


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