Lintbells Sets The Scene For More Happy Days For Pets And Practices

Lintbells has announced that following on from great feedback about its YuMEGA Quit That Itch campaign in June, a new campaign will launch in August.


YuCALM ‘Happy Dogs, Happy Days’ aims to drive awareness of stress and anxiety in dogs and how vet practices can help. It’s estimated that nearly one in four dogs are stressed by car travel and as many as 80% show an undesirable response to strangers.  All of these events are common during the summer months as people get out and about with their dogs.

During July, selected practices will begin to receive their support packs. Practices can also take part by calling Lintbells on 01462 514239 or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Display kits will help practices make clients aware of the warning signs of stress and anxiety in their dogs and provide a talking point. There will also be a comprehensive digital tool kit including social media posts, emailers, infographics and banners, as well as an educational video.

But it doesn’t stop there, as Marketing Manager Alethea Maillard explains, “Using YuCALM helps a dog to be their natural happy self by relieving stress and anxiety – it doesn’t sedate or change the pet’s character in other ways. We think that’s something that everyone can feel happy about.”

Veterinary teams will also get the opportunity to win a prize which is sure to spread the joy further. The competition details are currently under wraps but all will be revealed in August.

Alethea says this is a campaign that everyone can enjoy taking part in, “Happy Dogs, Happy Days offers lots of opportunities for veterinary teams to learn, laugh and love seeing their patients benefit from YuCALM.”


For further information practices should contact their Lintbells Veterinary Business Executive or call 01462 514239.