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Most dog owners believe they are acting responsibly by cleaning up after their pet but actually each time they scoop the poop they can leave behind millions of viruses and bacteria – around 25 million per poo, in fact –some of which can pose significant risks to dogs and people.

Celebrities, advertisers and the public must stop normalising flat-faced dogs’ health problems for the sake of animal welfare, said British Veterinary Association (BVA) President Gudrun Ravetz this morning (8th June) on BBC Radio 4’s Today.

Veterinary practices are long-standing advocates of the benefits of microchipping, and most routinely implant microchips as part of the service provided to their clients. Now, thanks to the National Veterinary Database (NVD®), veterinary practices are taking the lead in ensuring microchip data held is kept up to date for the rest of a pet’s life.

CliniTech Medical recently learnt about RenaSan, a new First Aid Spray powered by a natural active ingredient called; 'Hypochlorous'.  Having seen fantastic user feed-back, it’s safety record and EU approvals, it didn’t take long for the CliniTech team to establish that this quite remarkable solution should be available to the wider Veterinary market and its client base.

AVID is pleased to announce the launch of a new version of the popular AVID MiniTracker range of pet microchip scanners, which features BluetoothTM connectivity.

Lintbells’ premium quality, natural supplements help pets remain full of life, whatever their age.

A sad incident that led to the untimely death of a family dog has inspired the dog’s owners to embark on a campaign, hoping to encourage veterinary practices and referral centres to reassess their procedures when admitting animals for overnight stays.

Ultra premium dog food brand, AATU, have launched their first ever treat range featuring five tantalising flavours.

According to rabbit CPD company LagoLearn, too many rabbits die under anaesthesia.