Small Animal

The results are in for ROYAL CANIN’s annual Healthy Weight Competition. 

A survey commissioned by the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA) of 177 vets at London Vet Show (LVS) 2016 confirmed a growing confidence in prepared pet food. 

The Kennel Club recently revealed that the French bulldog is due to overtake the Labrador as the UK’s most popular dog, but the RSPCA have released figures that paint a very different picture of the most common dog in England and Wales.

With the rise in popularity of the French bulldog (and other brachycephalic breeds) the sound of snuffling and wheezing patients can be heard in many a practice. The demand for this breed, pugs, shih tzu and Boston terriers has undoubtedly resulted in unscrupulous breeding where the long-term health of an individual dog is seen as insignificant compared to the value of a quick sale.

Over the last twelve months there has been a surge of interest in coconut oil for pets. This interest has largely been driven by evidence indicating adding coconut oil to a dog’s diet can help kill dental bacteria and improve coat condition.

Dechra Veterinary Products has launched a new product to support vets in the management of canine epilepsy cases.

New research from vet charity PDSA, has revealed that 4.4 million pets in the UK are unneutered, leaving them in danger of life-threatening illnesses.

Experts at the charity International Cat Care have recently developed a feeding plan, based on scientific evidence, to help mimic the way cats eat in the wild and so provide both physical and mental stimulation for cats. The plan encourages cats to hunt, explore, climb and play – activities which boost cats’ positive behaviour and wellbeing.

The danger of thiamine deficiency in cats is currently a hot topic in the news following the recall of cat food products that are lacking in the important vitamin B1 (thiamine).