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Senior cats present regularly in practice with renal issues. It is inevitable that feline patients who are suffering from kidney disease will require intervention at some point, some owners notice the signs early on, but others may be less obvious and the cat may decline rapidly.

The RSPCA is starting to see the effects of a soaring demand for many ‘designer’ breeds such as pugs and French bulldogs, with a rise in the number of these breeds coming into its care.

It’s the largest and one of the most important organs in your dog’s body but do you really appreciate your pet’s skin?

Virbac has launched EpiRepress, a new treatment for epilepsy in dogs which aims to make dosing and dispensing easy and accurate for practice staff and for owners.

Almost fifty percent of all cats in the UK are overweight, however cat behaviour experts say that changing the way we feed them could make them healthier and happier.

Tougher dog breeding licensing rules to better protect thousands of puppies are to be introduced as part of a swathe of reforms to safeguard the welfare of Britain’s pets, Environment Secretary Andrea Leadsom announced today.

The breed, known as munchkin cats, suffer from a genetic disorder which means they have unusually short legs.

In West Chelborough, Dorchester Poole Vets4Pets has reported a case of Alabama Rot (CRGV).