Small Animal

Ceva Animal Health, manufacturer of the leading range of veterinary strength supplements LOGIC® for cats and dogs, has renamed its supplement to support digestion, LOGIC® Firm.

As temperatures start to drop, vets are warning owners not to forget about small pets such as rabbits and guinea pigs that usually live outdoors yet are vulnerable to the cold and damp despite their furry coats.

A study carried out by The University of Salford and sponsored by Merial has found that ticks present a risk all year round. Researchers found that ticks continued to quest in woodlands throughout the year, even during the coldest months and ticks could also be detected on dogs throughout the year.

With obesity currently a problem for nearly half the UK’s 8.5 million dogs, the WALTHAM Centre for Pet Nutrition has launched a new series of Puppy Growth Charts to help vets identify potential problems early on/ the charts are the first evidence-based growth standards for pet dogs and have been developed using data derived from over 50,000 individuals of healthy body weight.

Cold wintry weather can be brutal on our skin, which is why 73% of us use more hand and body lotion during the winter months. Our pets are no strangers to the effects of cold conditions either, which is why it is important to protect their bodies, particularly their paws, from the harsh elements.

Christmas has come early for Oscar, the Jack Russell terrier who survived the traumatic ordeal of being stuck down a rabbit hole for a month – in extreme cold weather.

HOWND - the company behind #BringYourDogToWorkDay - has launched its first brand lifestyle movie, which documents the relationship between a boy and a rescue puppy as they grow up together.

Dr. Brian Collins is a veterinarian for the Cornell University Hospital for Animals at Cornell’s College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Collins has issued the following advice for pet owners who want to take special care of their animals over the cold weather period:

Our canine friends may seem well catered for when it comes to their food but Suffolk based Skinner’s Petfoods will be shaking up the sector from early in 2017 with the launch of their ‘Life’ range.