MAI Animal Health™ announces the release of Sentier’s Vetcorder portable patient monitor

MAI Animal Health is pleased to announce Sentier’s new Vetcorder portable patient monitor, which is now available through their extensive line of innovative products. 

Sentier HC LLC introduces the vision of innovation and logic in a simple, yet very intuitive and logical device, the Vetcorder.  The Vetcorder portable monitor integrates proven technology providing clinicians and staff with a vital sign instrument that is smaller than a smart phone.  

The system monitors a patient’s vital signs including Sp02, ECG, Heart Rate and Temperature all fitting into the user’s palm.  With built in Bluetooth capability, the instrument transmits recorded data to a tablet or other display monitors for ease of visuals whether in exams, surgery, post-surgery or however one wishes to utilize the technology.

Sentier’s CEO, Robert Young brings extensive knowledge to the market having innovated and pioneered everyday use of Oximetry to the profession.  With his expertise of monitoring methods and engaging the efforts of MAI Animal Health, the Vetcorder will change how clinics, clinicians and staff monitor patients.  The Vetcorder is offered through Distribution via MAI Animal Health’s offerings of innovative products.