CT & MRI solutions from MIUS

The last decade has seen a huge increase in demand for a wide range of imaging modalities within the veterinary sector. With ultrasound and x-ray still being the most popular within the modern veterinary surgery, advances in the field of computed tomography mean CT scanning is fast catching up as the imaging modality of choice, offering vast amounts of clinical information for an accurate diagnosis.


Over the last 12 months MIUS have installed a mixture of 16 and 64 slice refurbished CT systems to veterinary practices located throughout the UK and are in discussions with many more. Not all of these centres have been referral hospitals, we are seeing a trend, just like we did with ultrasound, that some of the larger first opinion centres are looking to invest in high quality refurbished CT equipment. MIUS are offering these systems with full warranties, covering all parts along with full service back up providing confidence for the veterinary centre. But of course, as with equipment like this, cost has always been a factor that has to be considered when extending the facilities at the surgery. More often than not a new CT scanner is out of reach of most centres, but buying refurbished with the peace of mind and back up that MIUS can offer makes a CT scanner an accessible proposition

Echoing what we have successfully done with Ultrasound and now CT scanners, MIUS are also offering refurbished MRI systems to the veterinary industry. Once again our refurbished equipment comes with full warranty covering all parts and can also include helium cover if requested. We offer compact systems from 0.2T to 0.35T through to full size systems rated at 1.5T and upwards. We do find that although the smaller systems will perform adequate scans, the larger systems do provide a better quality of image, particularly on larger companion animals.

Of course second hand CT and MRI scanners are available direct from hospitals and even at auctions, but this approach is not without its risks. Sourcing a system this way could initially look like a bargain, but with an unknown history and no warranty it could well become a serious financial liability. Buying a refurbished CT or MRI system from Mount International United Services (MIUS) enables the veterinary surgery to save money and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a brand new scanner.

Since our inception in 1997, MIUS has grown into a leading supplier and maintenance provider for imaging equipment to the veterinary and human sectors. Our core ethos has always been "where quality counts" and we apply this to all equipment and services that we provide to our customers. MIUS have become very well known for specialising in providing ultrasound, but increased demand has led to the addition of CT and now MRI scanners to its range; all refurbished, complete with a water tight warranty and available at a fraction of the cost of new machines.

With large equipment such as CT & MRI, it is clear that not all surgeries have the ability to house them without serious modifications to the building or the construction of extensions for the purpose, the cost involved and the disruption in the day to day running of the surgery means that for some centres, housing a unit within the building is not possible. But MIUS have a solution for these centres. 

MIUS also offer mobile systems in trailers plus the MIUS CT & MRI ‘pods’. These custom designed modules are built specifically to suit the requirements and workflow of the veterinary surgery and can be located in a car park at the surgery or adjacent to the surgery itself. A huge benefit of our CT or MRI pods is that very little work has to be done to the building in preparation for the service, all that’s required is the power and a space for the unit. This has the potential to keep costs down making a CT or MRI scanner even more accessible when you look at the project as a whole. The pods have doors at ground level meaning access with patients on trolleys is more straightforward that the traditional mobile trailers which will usually require the use of an external lift to the door level.

Right from the very first point of contact with our customers MIUS employ only our own staff, from initial discussions about the right system for the surgery, through room planning to installation and commissioning by our qualified and experienced team of engineers. This helps with developing a long term working relationship with our customers, building confidence and security in the systems we provide. Utilising our own team means that we can keep a constantly high standard of work, maintaining our ethos of "When Quality Counts". Typically, it would be the same engineers who install the equipment that would carry out servicing of the equipment, thereby maintaining continuity between MIUS and the surgery, further strengthening the relationship.

Based in Gloucester, MIUS have a main head office building with storage and workshops, plus a newly completed 12,000 sq. foot CT, MRI and x-ray facility, sited adjacent to its head office on Waterwells Business Park. This new building includes a CT and MRI training suite where we run a wide range of training courses and seminars. Our one day CT seminar has created a lot of interest, with a mix of relevant topics from a user and business perspective and a practical session with one of our units. 

For more information on this seminar please visit www.mius.org.uk or call 01452 729 380 and speak to Fraser Yule, CT and MRI specialist.