Lasers and the increased demand from Vets

Veterinary laser therapy has increased in popularity for both surgical procedures and for therapy.

When we first started selling lasers it was rare to sell a therapy hand-piece but now most units are often sold with this as vets and nurses embrace the healing benefits that lasers deliver. The extra income stream is also very welcome and helps pay for the capital outlay faster.


We offer a number of lasers at a lower price than most if not all our competitors. The 2 most popular sellers are the G laser and the V laser. Both lasers are class 4, so they are high energy lasers.

Safety is paramount when lasers are in use so never use them in a room with reflective surfaces and do not have any flammable materials nearby.

Warning signs or lights, door locks, and/or door interlocks need to be installed.

For more specialist and equine Practice. This diode laser is very stable with high quality and good performance. 

There are multiple accessories available including flexible fibres and hand pieces allowing this versatile system to have many clinical applications.

The system comes in 30W and 60W versions.

Our bestselling model for small animal Practice. 

It is compact and comes with a 15W power module, this mini surgery laser system has 810nm and 980nm dual-wavelengths, it can be used in the continuous as well as the pulsed mode with contact or non-contact. The 8″ touch screen display allows easy access to the advanced software with preset protocols, which can be manually customized by the operator.

Both systems come with safety goggles and 2 fibres (400um/600um)

Other fibres available are 600 and 1,000um.

The therapy hand-piece is an option and is frequently purchased.