Campaign for free 02!

Burtons Veterinary is spearheading a campaign to get FREE oxygen in all veterinary practices. The company can design a system to meet your needs and save you money!


Burtons Oxi-Gen range of 02 concentrators provides unlimited oxygen 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by extracting the oxygen from ambient air and producing a constant flow of medical grade oxygen.

Available as a mobile unit which can be added to anaesthetic machines or a large piped gas system, providing oxygen for your entire practice. Burtons will design the system  to suit your needs.


- No more expensive rentals - Reduces overall costs

- No more cylinder deliveries - Reduces manual handling and delivery issues

- Reliable source of oxygen for your practice 24 hours a day

- Quiet Running

- Strong alternative to using high pressure cylinders.

- Easy Maintenance.

“I really can’t speak too highly of the equipment. It would be madness for any sizeable practice not to install one. We were spending around £8000 per year on bottled gas, almost 90% of which was oxygen. Our annual cost for medical gases has now dropped to around £800 per year.”

-Stephen Broomfield

(Hospital operations Manager)

Blue Cross Hospital, Victoria


For more information call - 01622834300/ Or visit