New Software Revisions Ensure that the Esaote Veterinary Specific Ultrasound Systems Meet the Demands of Every Application Head On

The high specification Seven and Alpha ultrasound systems offered by Imotek have benefited from a significant software revision which offers further enhancement to the existing high end imaging performance.


It also introduces new advanced cardiac features which were previously unavailable at this price point.

The new software is part of Esaote’s Evolution concept, which represents a dedication to their veterinary customers with a constant improvement program, ensuring product and service enhancement.

Highlights of the upgrade include; increased cardiac functionality, new probes, greater penetration, overall image improvements and refinements in ease of use.

The increases in cardiac functionality now allows users to capture M-mode video clips and Doppler traces as well as the B-mode clips. The user can perform retrospective M-Modes and anatomical M-Modes. It also allows for the acquisition of videos at the original high frame rate, providing better analysis for animals with higher heart rates.

The two new probes include a high frequency phased array (5-13MHz) which is excellent for cat hearts and a high frequency linear (18-22MHz) which offer exquisite near field detail.

The convex probe (1-8MHz) is now capable of penetrating to 41 cm of depth.

The fully customisable measurements and annotations menu’s have been made clearer and more user friendly, with the ability to add new measurements packages, (Inc TAPSE and Cornell formulas).


Whether you need the portability offered by the Alpha or require the convenience of the mobile Seven console system, complete performance is assured.



More information can be found on the Imotek website.