High Quality Commercial Laundry Products from Miele Professional

Busy veterinary practices generate laundry every day so having the right equipment can help to make staff’s lives easier and practices more efficient.


For this, commercial laundry machines, such as those from Miele Professional, are more suitable than domestic ones. Their thermal disinfection capabilities ensure any bacteria is removed and they comply with the water boards’ WRAS category 5 regulations.

They can save staff considerable amounts of time through shorter washing and drying cycle times and as Miele Professional’s machines are tested to last up to 30,000 cycles, they also provide a more reliable and cost-effective solution than domestic and rival machines.

Miele machines are popular among veterinary practices. Vicki Fraser at Links Veterinary Group says: “Some days our washer and dryer are on the go non-stop, just like the rest of us! In such a fast paced environment it’s so important that we can rely on our washing machines to produce the best quality clean.”



For more information, visit https://www.miele.co.uk/professional/vets-and-animal-care-879.htm