Outstanding Service from Veenak Veterinary Supplies

Veenak Veterinary Supplies has been established since 2014 and the company is now a leading supplier in the animal healthcare industry.


Veenak specialize in supplying human medicines at highly competitive prices to veterinary clinics, hospitals and equine practices all over the United Kingdom. The key to the company’s success has been the distinctive service they provide to each of their clients, so Veenak can ensure that the customer is always satisfied with the quality of service the company provide.

Veenak offer over 3500 products ranging from branded and generic medicines to consumables, surgical, dressings and wound care. The company’s foundation is based on; delivering outstanding services, offering a user-friendly ordering platform, and boasting a highly responsive support team which allows Veenak to constantly strive to offer an exceptional service.


If you are interested in more information, you can register with Veenak Veterinary Supplies at www.vetordering.com to view their full range of products online.